Read what our patients have to say about us!

"I feel more confident when smiling and taking pictures." 
– Jesse Schulz

"My daughter is enjoying her perfect set of teeth. She hasn't stopped looking at the mirror." 
– Alice Dominguez

"Dr. Egan is very knowledgeable and cares about his patients. He is also patient in answering my questions." 
– JoAnna Wong

"The office staff is excellent, helpful, friendly, the best. My kids' teeth are perfect. Dr. Egan is great." 
– Diane McAuliff

"I cannot express how much gratitude I have for Dr. Egan and his staff. The first time I heard how beautiful my smile was, I cried. In 38 years, I had never heard those words. I smile all day and I owe it all to Dr. Egan!" 
– Patricia Marinelli

"I now have my eye tooth in the proper place. I can smile with confidence." 
– Dorothy Procopio

"My son has more concern for overall hygiene and tooth care now."
– Karen Volkman Zaccaro

"Dr. Egan and his staff make my children comfortable and relaxed. It is a very friendly atmosphere." 
– Kim Buonomo

"The entire experience was wonderful. My son's teeth look amazing."
– Patti Seal

"I have the utmost respect for the quality orthodontics work my children received by Dr. Egan and staff. This has been a very pleasant experience for the entire family. Thank you."
– Vanessa Bonfe

"It is a very clean and organized office, with great attention to details regarding correspondence and patient information. We had a very comfortable and pleasant experience." 
– Ellen Chiappetta

"I think everything is great no need to improve anything. The waiting room is very comfortable, love the fish tanks and bulletin board also plenty of reading material." 
– Jennifer Sciara

"My daughter smiles more and seems more confident."
– DonnaJean Davis

"The staff is efficient and prompt. Extremely professional, personal treatment is given at each and every visit." 
– Celine Larkin

"My daughter loves to smile and let other people see her bright smile. She has more confidence and self esteem."
– Christine Jaeger

"We were pleased with the overall treatment. I have never experienced a doctor's office where the people were warm, understanding and all did an excellent job with excellent … you were the first." 
– Janet-Freimark Taitz

"Dr. Egan is patient with the entire process, never rushing any phase for excellent results."
– Natalie Jekel

"I had an overbite but now my teeth are even better than ever. I like that you put the fish and the turtles in the tanks."
– Victoria Lundin

"We have had a wonderful experience with both of our boys. We highly recommend the office to our friends. Thank you for all you have done for Kevin and Brice."
– Patricia Beach

"I was confident that my child was receiving excellent care. Everyone is professional, the payment plan was easy, scheduling appointments was easy."
– Toni Brandis

"The staff are very friendly and polite".
"Everyone is pleasant, professional and take the time with you."
"I would recommend without hesitation."
"I love my new smile!!" 
– Patricia Wilson-Lord

"Orthodontist appointments have been the most pleasant of all our appointments. Excellent treatment, warm atmosphere and minimal waiting time." 
– Terry Portoghese

"Megera's teeth are beautiful. She is quite proud and smiles all the time."
– Patricia Koncelick

"The strengths of the practice are the beautiful work, the service, the doctor, the staff and whole atmosphere of the office." 
– Matt McDonnel

"You are punctual and explain all procedures... the experience was a pleasant one... We never had a problem with having an appointment." 
– Jeff Amanna

"Dr. Egan and entire staff have been and continue to be an excellent professional 'team', and it most definitely has been a rewarding experience for James. His teeth look beautiful! Thank you all! We're all very pleased." 
– James, Linda & Lee Raynor

"They treat me sooo nicely, I trust them very much. Everything is perfect...don't change anything." 
– Juliette Koronkiewicz

"I was very pleased with my entire experience. Thank you all very much." 
– Patti Brennan

"I had a lot of scheduling 'challenges' and they were always willing to work something out."
– Karen Zahradka

"You and your office have always treated us with great care and kindness."
– Heather & Katelynn Sorady

"Greg had a good Orthodontic experience with great results. His teeth are beautiful, thanks to Dr. Egan." 
– Carole Yates

"Everyone is well informed and ready to help."
– Lauren Romeo

"Douglas is my third child treated by Dr. Egan and I am very happy with the service." 
– James J. Becht

"I had a good experience. I am not a good doctor/dentist person and this experience was very positive."
– Ruth Testa Davis

"We were very pleased with the staff and the quality of the work done." 
– Gale Tiedemann

"We feel that we received the best care...The staff was always pleasant and well informed about the treatment." 
– William Cozier

"Thank you! Thank you! Gena looks beautiful."
– Tara Graskemper

"Of course the orthodontic work was excellent, but for me, the mom, I have to say the front desk women are wonderful! Always, always pleasant. "
– Christine Colonna

"Thank you for your expertise! Eric's smile defines him!" 
– Pam Blake Girardin

"Excellent results!"
– Jery Cline

"I think the personal care you show to the patients and myself as a parent is very important and the kids like... the way you talk to them directly, not just having them present while you're explaining treatment to the parent - they feel like they're part of the decision making process, which is very important to them at this age."
– William Roche

"Jennifer has been with Dr. Egan for five years. We are thoroughly satisfied with her treatment. I think all of the staff was wonderful and I would highly recommend the office to others in need of orthodontic care. Thank you all!"
– Kathleen Starke

"Laura and I both felt very comfortable in your office. This has been a terrific experience with excellent results! Your standards are evident."
– Christine Harjes

"My daughter had a wonderful experience at your office. The braces never gave her any trouble and her smile is beautiful. Thank you."
– Linda Rosen

"My child felt great and looked forward to appointments."
– Elizabeth Coleman

"We have been very pleased with the treatment of both our girls by Dr. Egan. Jennifer will be smiling beautifully at college! Thanks."
– Patti Guido

"I feel very fortunate to have been referred to such an excellent orthodontist. I have never dealt with a more friendly and courteous staff and a doctor that takes pride in his work."
– Elizabeth Brennan

"Yes, Melinda is the last of my children to be seen at your office. All 4 of my children were very well taken care of and have beautiful smiles."
– Mrs. Wodraska

"I have recommended your office many times to my friends and will continue to do so."
– Darlene Salvia

"Courtesy and genuine concern of the staff was beyond my expectations. High level of commitment and teamwork. Dr. Egan's initiative in addressing concerns."
– Eleanor Anderson

"I feel Caitlyn received EXCELLENT care. You have a very happy office environment."
– Kathy Margulis

"Dr. Egan and staff are wonderful. It was a pleasure to come to the office."
– Margaret McClarnon

"Professionalism, quality work and the only medical practice on this island who sees you at your scheduled time."
– Deidre Festa

"Courteous staff, attention to detail, appointment times are convenient, and never waiting in office."
– Tricia Dunn